AprilAire Dehumidifier Reviews- Consumer and Expert

AprilAire dehumidifier reviews on the 1710, 1730 and 1750. Whole house and room dehumidifier consumer and expert information.

AprilAire offers a wide range of dehumidifiers. The 1710 and 1710a are perfect for drying out a basement, crawl space. It is a portable, stand alone dehumidifier, not a whole house dehumidifier. These are rated as ultra-quiet, which is great for finished basements where you really hear the noise it makes.

The internal humidistat will regulate the air humidity and will run only when the humidity is too high. The 1710 and 1710a dehumidifier is a low-temp unit and runs down to 40 degrees.

The 1710 is expensive. Is it worth the money? If you have a really large area to dehumidify, and want something that is self-draining with quiet, energy star operation, this is the one for you. The money is worth having a dry basement, as the health benefits will outweigh the cost.

The 1730, 1750 whole house dehumidifiers hook up to your HVAC system for heating and cooling. This is helpful if you do not want a free standing unit and need multi levels of a home dehumidified. These are each over $1000, but consumers give them generally really high ratings. Most I found were five stars. These are also great if you do not want the noise of a dehumidifier in the room.

AprilAire dehumidifiers are high quality and respected. While their dehumidifiers can be expensive, based on consumer feedback, they are worth the money.

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