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Air Smoke Purifier

Air smoke purifier air cleaners are perfect for the home. Purify the air of cigarette, wildfire, and cooking smoke, as well as odors. 

How are air smoke purifier cleaners different than regular air purifiers? All air purifiers of high quality will help with reducing smoke in your home. The HEPA filter will trap particles of .03 microns with up to 99.7% accuracy.

The smoke particles will be trapped in the HEPA filter. Odors of smoke and cooking will be trapped in the carbon filter, if the purifier has one. The carbon filter neutralizes any odors that pass through it, greatly reducing smells in the room. 

Top quality air purifiers generally have a pre-filter, HEPA filter and carbon filter. These make air purifier smoke reduction most effective.

Another important factor in reducing smoke in a room is how quickly the cleaner purifies the air. This is called air exchange rate. You want a high air exchange rate. This means all the air in a room is cleaned a high number of times per hour.

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