Best Air Purifying Indoor Plants- A Green Air Purifier

Here is our list of the best air purifying indoor plants. These are a wonderful green air cleaner option for your home.

I love plants around the house. It gives a feeling of freshness and aliveness to any room.

Do all indoor plants clean the air? To some degree, but some, more than others, do a terrific job of air purifying.

Of course, it depends on the amount of humidity and warmth of your home, which plant would be best suited for you.

If you live in a dry home, this would be a humidity level of below 25%, ferns don't work well. They need more humidity.

People really need more humidity as well. I recommend using a humidifier to get your humidity up to a healthy level, between 35-45%, then your plants will be happier too!

What are the top plant air cleaners? Here is the list of these super green air purifiers.

Areca Palm. This plant is rated as a super air purifying indoor plant. Not only does is purify and clean the air, it is also reported to humidify the air as well. These plants do best in an already well humidified home.

Lady Palm. This plant can be suited for a wide variety of homes with dry, or even hot temps. It is ranked right up there with the Areca Palm as a hard working plant air cleaner.

Rubber Tree plant. The plant I have had the longest is a rubber tree plant. It doesn't need much care and looks beautiful. These are great at removing chemical toxins from the air in your home.

Dracaena plant. Another one of my favorite plants. These also seem to look great without much care. I bought it specifically because of the low maintenance and the green air purifying capabilities.

Peace Lily plant. This one is not well suited for dry homes, but is overall, a great plant. These are often given as gifts, so if you need a great gift idea, what better than a lovely air cleaning plant!

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