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We have an older home(approx 1500 sq. ft.) and experience a lot of dust. I have allergies and am prone to virally induced asthma and bronchitis. Would an Austin Air Healthmate Plus be sufficient for the whole house and, if so, is there a distributor in St. John's, Nl?

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Dec 11, 2010
air purifier for older home
by: Lisa- site expert

Great choice on the Austin Air. This will be your best bet for the size house you have. It is rated for 1500 sq. ft. and I really think to clean the air in that size, it's the best on the market. Even air purifiers that cost twice as much will only clean up to 900 sq. ft. generally.
I'd buy an Austin Air purifier- Healthmate and then see if in a month you feel better, if you feel you need a little extra air cleaning, buy a Kaz Honeywell 50250 for your bedroom for extra purification overnight. This is the best priced smaller purifier, but can be on the loud side. I would imagine since your house is older and you likely have a smallish bedroom, since they didn't generally have enormous bedrooms way back, then the low setting on the Honeywell should be fine and wouldn't be too noisy.
As far as where to buy it, I'd order it straight from Austin Air, then you'll get good customer service on it too (unless is much cheaper, go with that option).
To healthy air, and a healthy you,

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