Air purifier with built in Vaporizer

by Julia
(Des Moines, IA )

I am looking for a air purifier with a built in Vaporizer for a bedroom. It needs to run quiet too.

I know a big order.


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Nov 02, 2011
air purifier with vaporizer
by: Lisa- site expert

Hi Julia,
Well, I have never heard of an air purifier with a vaporizer. There are air purifiers with humidifiers- I have a link with info on those under humidifier it is "Purifier Humidifier".

Since you live in Iowa (I grew up there- whoop, whoop) and it can be very humid there at times, you might want an air purifier AND a vaporizer or humidifier so you can use the air purifier anytime and not have to run the humidifier too. You don't want to over humidify a bedroom!

If you really want a great unit that does a good job as an air purifier and a humidifier, check out the Sharp Plasmacluster with humidification function. It is quiet, has a great HEPA filter and really the best out there for doing both!

It'll be way cheaper to get an air purifier and a vaporizer or humidifier though...also if you are looking for a humidifier for cold season- check out the warm mist humidifiers. That is what I use when I have a cold.

To your health,

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