Air Purifier that has a permenant air filter that you clean.

I want a high performance purifier that I do not have to buy replacement air filters. I believe it is called "ionic"?

What is the best to use in a 12x15 room or a house of aprox. 1,500 sq ft.
thank you

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May 01, 2010
permanent air filter you can clean
by: Lisa- site expert

Luckily, there is an almost perfect, high quality air purifier for what you need. It's the Austin Air HealthMate. Of the high quality air purifiers, it cleans the most sq. ft.- up to 1500 sq. ft. Most only clean up to 500. So, this one is a good value if you need a larger space with purified air.

It does cost a little more initially, but shop around and you can probably get a good deal on one. All three filters are cleanable and only need replacement every 5 years. This is considered a permanent filter because 5 years is as long as any will last with normal wear and tear, and still do a great job, even with regular cleaning.

You will save a lot of money not needing to replace the filter. Even "cheap" air purifiers that need filter replacements cost upwards of $100/year. I definitely recommend the Austin Air purifier for being an overall great value.

It isn't an ionic air purifier, like you mentioned in your question, but those with Ionic features don't clean nearly as many sq. ft. for the money. If you really want the ionic feature, Blueair is a good one to check out. You can find info on both on the side nav bar to the left.

Let me know what you think of the Austin Air if you get it.

To healthy air,

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