air purifier or humidifier for home?

(Paulden, Az)

Which is best an air purifier or humidifier? i live in a cooler, dry area & have severe allergies summer & winter. also live with a dog & cats. this dry cough is driving me nuts. also lots of mucus in th throat. otc do not control my symptoms. getting rid of pets not an option. this has been this bad only since move to this area, 5 years ago

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Oct 29, 2011
humidifier or air purifier best for home?
by: Lisa- site expert

Well, I'd say in your case an air purifier sounds like it could be really helpful. Though I would recommend both if you live where it is really dry. I couldn't live without my humidifier in the winter because it is so dry inside in Colorado.

You could start with a humidifier since they are much cheaper. Go with the evaporative Vornado humidifier. I love this one and it does a great job getting humidity all around the house with the fan. If that doesn't do everything you need, then buy an air purifier with a HEPA filter. It'll be worth the money when you can breathe better. If it does not work for your allergies, you can return some of them within 30 days, just check before you buy.

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