air purifier for Smoke from condo next door

by Leslie

I live in a condo(apartment style) and share a hallway with a smoker next door. We all ahve seprate heating systems, but when I open my door...whoosh, in comes the smoke.

I recently purchased Austin Air Plus there anything else out there that is better for getting rid of the harmful chemicals of cigarette smoke in the air?


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Dec 29, 2010
help for smoke from condo next door
by: Lisa- site expert

My friend had the same problem a few years ago. That is really tricky as smoke is so invasive and gets in so easily. Does the Austin Air plus jr air purifier help much with the smoke smell?

It would be one air purifier I would recommend since it has the carbon filter for eliminating odors and smoke. Do let me know if it's not cleaning the air like you think it should or if it's just smelly right after opening/closing the door.

I don't know if you have it on high while you run it? I know it makes a big difference in the rate the air gets cleaned if it is on low, med, or high. I can't think of any other tricks to help out other than putting the air purifier near the front door and putting it on high after opening/closing the door until the air clears. Also, you can clean the filters of the air purifier, so do make sure to clean them every 6 months or so, depending on use so they work their best.

To your health,

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