Air purifier for home Austin air healthmate

by Jim L.
(Newton, NJ)

I work from home and really enjoy having this Austin Air healthmate purifier in my house. Since I am home a lot I run it 24/7 and it holds up really well. I have only had the Healthmate a little over a year, so I am not sure how long the HEPA filter will last. It says five years, but with constant use I have read that it will probably go 3 or 4 years.

The healthmate seems to purify the air in my whole house, which is all on one level, but it would be nice to be able to transport it from my office area to the bedroom. Even with the wheels, it is a bit too heavy to do that every day. The trade off is that it is heavy because Austin Air uses steel and it is not made with cheap plastic.

I was concerned with how much noise it would make, but I hardly notice it at all during the day. At night it is far enough away, I don't hear it, even on high.

I like that the healthmate filters such a large area pretty well. It cleans the most sq. ft. of any higher end air purifier I could find, which is great, so I don't have to buy two.

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