Air Purifier for cat with asthma

by Cathy Colombo
(palm beach gardens, fl)

I have a cat with asthma who is sensitive to excess dust/smoke/perfumes causing him to wheeze & cough, despite being on an appropriate medication regimen.

I purchased an Idylis air purifier today & was very happy to see the positive reviews for this product. I purchased the model for med.-lrg. rooms -claimimg to clean/purify up to 434 sq. ft. Your site keeps mentioning clean air quality & air exchange rate. Is their an air exchange rate established for these products, & does the exchange rate differ with the size of the unit & the sq ft of the room it will be used in? I can't seem to find these particulars. If so, how does Idylis measure up in this dept.?

Thank-you for taking my question,


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Aug 15, 2011
Idylis air purifier for cat with asthma
by: Lisa- site expert

That's great you are helping your kitty with an air purifier! Since I have three dogs, I've dealt with my share of pet issues and know that giving your pet a diet of raw food for a while can help clear up many health issues. I give my dogs frozen raw food, or even just raw meat from the grocery store, when any health issue comes up. Same is true for cats. It's like a cleanse for pets! So, that's my first recommendation, oh and I like "Stella and Chewy's" frozen pet food and "Nature's Variety".

Next, the Idylis air purifier- it has an exchange rate of 280 CADR, for a 20x22' room. This is good, though I wouldn't use it in a space much larger than recommended.
Here is a website link to all their info:

Best wishes to you and your kitty's health!

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