Air Purifier for Cat allergies with multiple small open rooms

Hello, Lisa,

I recently acquired a cat and am having a substantial allergic reaction. I do not want to give up my little companion. My home is a small cape with 4 rooms on first floor totaling about 900 sq. feet. These rooms do not have doors except for the bedroom but I would prefer to keep it open.

My question is should I get 4 small air purifiers or one large one, and which
one(s) in each situation? I have researched for days and am
more confused than ever!

My basement is finished and is about 650 sq.ft. but open. Again, what air purifier is best in that situation?

Thank you... It truly is so confusing!

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Feb 21, 2011
air purifier for cat allergies
by: Lisa- site expert

Hi Mary,
I do hope you can keep your kitty. It is great to have a companion in the home. I have three dogs. I used to be allergic to dogs and what helped before I thought about getting an air purifier, over a decade ago, was that I got help from an acupuncturist and from pet dander homeopathic tablets found in my natural food store. I was amazed a how well those worked and am 100% free of allergies from dogs.

So, those could help you and as far as a good air purifier, my best suggestion would be for the Austin Air Allergy machine. It would work well for your 900 sq ft area and this one purifier should take care of the whole area. I would recommend getting another for your basement, though you could get the Austin Air allergy jr, which is a few hundred dollars cheaper for the basement. Make sure wherever you buy your air purifier, they offer a full money back guarantee so if those don't help with allergies you can try another, though they really should greatly help.

Also, you'll have the most allergies to surfaces sat on by the cat, like your couch and bed, so keeping kitty off your bed will be the biggest help.

To your health,

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