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Air Purifier Consumer Report Reviews

Air purifier consumer report reviews are varied about the effectiveness and benefits to your health. Many consumers reviews are very positive.
They state that the air purifier in their home greatly helps them breathe better and have less dust on furniture and in the air.

This seems like a great testament to the powerful effects of an air purifier. I personally have noticed dramatic effects of air purifiers in homes. For example, there was toxic chemical smells in one area of a home, but in the room with the air purifier, it smelled of fresh, clean air. This was proof of the effectivness in odor reduction.

Air purifier Consumer Reports reviews testing company has some negative things to say about air purifiers. Many of their tests give air purifiers bad reviews. I think Consumer Reports is a fantastic company which offers valuable information, generally. They do fail in testing air purifiers, because they only test very basic aspects and not the full picture. 

I will agree that many lower quality air purifiers aren't worth the money. Yes, many are just expensive fans, and unfortunately these give air purifiers a bad name. 

The best rated air purifiers by consumers do a great job at reducing allergey causing particles, smoke, dust, pet dander, chemical and household odors. These have HEPA filters and a high CADR- clean air delivery rate. This means the air in your home, or room, is purified very frequently, so any pollutants, or particles, entering the home will be cleaned quickly, keeping the air pure.

Even though Consumer Reports may not have great things to say about air purifiers, consumers who use the purifiers write glowing reviews about their effectiveness. This is the proof for me. All the people who write about using an air purifier for the first time and within days are able to breathe better, sleep better and live healthier, have done the testing in real situations and found a great solution.

All the reviews on air purifiers on this site will have a summary of expert and consumer reviews, to help you decide which is best for your room and home.