air purifier and humidifier

by Steve
(Oak Ridge, NJ)

Can I run a Honeywell hepa air purifier and a separate humidifier in the same room? Will this damage the air filter or cause mold?

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Dec 31, 2010
Running an air purifier and humidifier in same room
by: Lisa- site expert

That makes sense to check out whether it's ok to run a humidifier and an air purifier in the same room. It is pretty common for those of us in dry climates to run the humidifier and air purifier at the same time, since both are so needed.

I would say the important thing would be to make sure that the humidity in the room doesn't get above 55%, as I do think you are correct in assuming the level of humidity could lead to mold or bacteria build up on the air purifier filter. Actually, when the humidity is above 55% there can be mold growing on any number of things in your room, even the walls. A friend from Hawaii had humidity around 70-80% a lot and had mold growing on the walls! Yikes, get a dehumidifier I said.

When the humidity is below 55%, and even below 50% is what I prefer, then it is at an ideal level for the health of your nose, eyes and lungs, not to mention everything else in your home or room. That is great you have both the air purifier and humidifier running at the same time I think. This way you have optimally humidified air and it is clean and healthy to breathe. If you need something to determine the humidity level, any big box store should have a digital humidistat, or just Google that term and some should show up to buy.

To your health,

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