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Air Purifier Allergy Dust Pollen

Air Purifiers for allergies from dust, pollen and other air particles that cause allergic reactions. Air filter information to help you buy the best, so you can breathe better.

Do air purifiers really help with allergies, dust, pollen, etc? Yes! Many, many reviews are all over the internet from users who have been completely stuffed up or had noses like a faucet from allergies and within 1-5 days of using an air purifier consistently, they have greatly reduced allergy symptoms.

"Overnight my allergies were gone! I slept better the first night I used it."

"Within a few days of starting to use my air purifier, I could breathe better and my head was so much clearer."

"I won't go through another spring pollen season without my air purifier."

These are some of the reviews from air cleaner users. You will undoubtedly find many reviews from users that say their air purifier didn't help at all. Those will almost always be people who bought cheap air purifiers that didn't have a HEPA filter. Look at the top rated air purifier reviews and they will be mostly 4-5 stars, because consumers feel so much better when using the HEPA air purifiers.

Air Purifier Allergy Dust Pollen Buying Guide
My first piece of advice in buying an air cleaner for allergens in your home is to buy one with a HEPA filter. These are rated to clean the air of those tiny particles that cause allergies.

The HEPA air purifiers will reduce allergy causing particles such as pet dander, dust, pollen, spores and illness causing particles such as bacteria, germs, and viruses. These filters are workhorses. 

There are some cheap air purifiers which say they are HEPA-like, but they don't have the same patented air cleaning abilities. To really help your allergies, go for the HEPA gold.

There are air purifiers that say they are specifically rated to help with allergies and asthma, but really any top air purifier with at least 5-6 air changes per hour and a HEPA filter will do a good job.