Air O Swiss humidifier 7131

by Mary

In December of 2009 I received the Air O Swiss 7131 humidifier as a Christmas gift. I specifically requested the Air O Swiss brand because of the reputation of durability, quality and reputation.

In November of 2010 my humidifier started leaking from the bottom. I called the customer service department, explained the problem and they sent me a shipping label so that I could send it in for repair. They sent me a replacement instead; I was surprised and impressed by the quick turnaround. The replacement machine is leaking again and I do believe the design is flawed. I called the customer service department and they told me this humidifier is out of warranty now and there is nothing they can do except for me to pay money to have and extended warranty and ship the product back, please tell me why I would do that? However, if I have my receipt and I can provide proof of purchase then that's different. Huh? It was a gift. The customer service department found the information when I called the first time, what happened to the information? Do theynot keep records?

I feel bad about having to tell this relative that the humidifier is faulty and they wasted the $100 and there is nothing Air O Swiss will do to make this right.

I can assure you that I would not recommend your product to others and I certainly will not buy another product from your organization.

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Mar 25, 2011
by: Lisa- site expert

Thanks for your comments. Too bad to hear that it leaked for you. For some reason this can be a problem with humidifiers for a number of reasons. It is helpful you shared this info with others so they know the potential problem with this Air O Swiss humidifier.

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