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Activated Carbon Air Purifiers

Activated carbon air purifiers are great for reducing many types of odors, including pet smells, cooking, fumes and toxic off-gassing. Read about the key features to look for in a carbon air filter and air purifier.

Not every air purifier comes with an activated carbon air filter. Some may only have one filter. Many have at least two, a prefilter and main filter. 

Often if there is a carbon filter, it will be the third filter, to help eliminate odors.

A pre-filter helps trap the larger air particles before they get to the main filter. Having a prefilter will help prolong the life of the main filter because it doesn't have as much air particles to trap. In quality air purifiers, the main filter will be a HEPA filter.

If you want odor control out of your air purifier, then an activated carbon filter is a must have. It will be the filter that does the best at purifying all those smells, and will help leave the air fresher.

If you are after really fresh smelling air, then check out a carbon filter air purifier with ionic function. The ionizer produces negative ions, like those in ocean air, to "charge" the air and help it smell fresh and alive.

A great air purifier which has the carbon filter option and the ionic purifier feature is the BlueAir purifier line. They have top quality HEPA filters, which are eco friendly and resist bacteria, are energy star rated, and have the odor reducing filters with the ionic feature. Just about everything you'd want in an air purifier, along with great customer reviews. Check out more info on the BlueAir purifier line.