Honeywell 50250 Air Purifier Enviracaire HEPA Filter

Expert review and consumer information on the HEPA Honeywell 50250 air purifier. Highly rated by many purifier experts for this price range, but noisy on high setting.

The Honeywell 50250 air purifier has been highly rated for air purifiers in this category of price. Consumer Reports rated it above average on its air purification on high setting. Not many purifiers receive an above average rating from CR.

There are hundreds of consumer reviews on Amazon of this Honeywell 50250 air purifier, and of those, it has a four star rating. Many people said they were able to feel a difference right away from using the 50250. Some comparable units to this one are the Alen T300 list price- $299 Alen Air Purifiers and the Austin Air Healthmate junior list price- $299.Austin Air Purifiers.

Reviewers stated their allergy and asthma symptoms were alleviated and many could breathe better overnight with the Honeywell 50250 air purifier. This is from the unit purifying over 99 percent of pollen, dust, mold and bacteria. The carbon pre-filter purifies smells and odors as well, with a low replacement cost.

On the downside, many people also noted that the unit was very noisy on high level. Most units consumer reports rated were noisy on high when they rated well for cleaning the air. Some mentioned that it is too noisy even on the low setting for the bedroom.

Honeywell 50250 air purifier 99.97 pure HEPA round True HEPA List price: $249.99

Removes 99.97 percent of particles that pass through the filter and 99.4 percent of tiny particles like bacteria and germs. Cleans rooms up to 375 sq ft. – 250 CADR, permanent HEPA filter. 3 speeds. Replacement filters are ($10-$20) 38002 charcoal- needs to be replaced 3-6 mo depending on amount of smells to clean, and ($20) 24000 Hepa. Charcoal pre-filter removes smells from pets, smoke and more.

  • Benefits: highly recommended by many purifier testing experts for best air purifying in this price range. Compact size, inexpensive, permanent HEPA filter, easy to replace parts and to maintain, filter change light, 3 speeds
  • Negatives: reportedly quite noisy on high and medium and not very quiet on low, maybe too loud for bedroom, and high power usage, but those are often trade offs for the more powerful air purifiers

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