403e problem

by Richard Heiser
(Northport, Mi,)

I bought a reconditioned 403e BlueAir, advertised to be as good as new, in Feb., 2010.

In July 2010, right after putting in a new filter (and vacuuming the entire area per filter instructions, the "replace the filter" light went on and has stayed on notwithstanding successive new filters. I e-mailed BueAir about this twice in July of 2010 and again 10 days ago with absolutely no response whatesoever! What is their problem with customer service?

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Aug 08, 2011
403e Blue Air air purifier light problem
by: Lisa- site expert

Too bad about your 403e Blue Air air purifier filter light problem. That can be annoying since you don't know when to change it when the light stays on all the time!

I've generally heard their customer service is good, so not sure about their lack of response. Could be they aren't great with email response! So, try calling them: 1.888.258.3247

I know a number of people have filter light staying on issues and there are a lot of factors, so I cannot say without looking at it what it might be. I do hope they answer and can help. I'd love to know what the problem was if they give you a solution, so other people can have that info too. Thanks!


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